“Promoting people-focused social services”

About us

About us

Fondation Tutator is a Swiss non-profit organization part of Tutator Group, a set of social enterprises and foundations around the world, formed by engineers with roots in Silicon Valley, software developers and human rights experts, with an extensive international experience in the technology industry and the social sector.

Nous sommes un soir du printemps 1999 à Menlo Park, au cœur de la Silicon Valley. Marie et Gilles Concordel, un couple d’ingénieurs entrepreneurs, se trouvent, presque malgré eux

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Our areas of interest

Our scope is wide and it is not limited to specific areas of interest. We currently have projects in health, education, governance, justice and more and are always looking for opportunities to expand to other areas.

Who we like to partner with

We like to join efforts with organizations who feel the need to improve. We have found that, in order for us to bring value to an organization, there has to be a deeply felt need for change within the organization, not just among a few visionaries at the top.

We are interested in partnering with organizations that have the following qualities:


Holistic and Do no harm


Beneficiaries as Actors of change


Impact and Sustainability


Privacy Policy

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The Right Approach
Holistic and Do no harm

Each community relies on a very delicate balance where any small change can have unwanted consequences. Any social service or social project should:

Understand the global needs of the beneficiaries, not just a single aspect.
Adapt the services to the needs of the community, keeping an eye on the big picture.
Evaluate all the consequences of the activity, for the beneficiaries themselves, of course, but also for their family and their community.
Watch for undesirable unintended consequences and correct immediately when they arise.
The Right Focus
Beneficiaries as Actors of change

Social services should provide people with the means to overcome their difficulties, never make them dependent of the services nor transform them into assisted persons.

We promote projects that keep a close focus on the “beneficiaries”, with the goal that they become actors of their own change: they are the most important part of the solution. This is essential because:

They are responsible human beings and need to be treated as such.
Their participation in the process makes it much more effective.
We need to respect their dignity.
The Right Priorities
Impact and Sustainability

Social organizations need to create sustainable impact: profound changes that last for a long time and outlive the service.

In order to be efficient and sustainable, a project needs to define well:

The beneficiaries and the impact they want to have on them.
The schedule for the intervention with a clear view of the results to achieve.
The Right Measurement

Coming from the Silicon Valley, we are deeply aware of the necessity to use resources wisely and to account for every penny: this means that measuring impact is essential for social services and that they should be striving for everything that will help them accomplish it better.

Every social institution has to be ready to account for its activities and the use of the resources made available to them:

The services need to be properly targeted and their effect monitored closely.
The spending should be allocated in the most efficient way.
Measurements of true results have to be reported widely.