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What is Tutator Forward?

At Tutator we know how difficult it can be for organizations that seek to generate positive changes in the world to implement the right technology that allows them to be more efficient.

That is why we created the Tutator Forward program: to support outstanding organizations with their digital transformation through in-kind grants for specific Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) projects.

We encourage people to think big

We believe that every problem has a solution; it’s all about thinking big to have big results. To spark your imagination, here are a few examples of projects we could implement:

Farm aid
Community Center
Donation management

And more...

Remember that we are not limited to specific areas of interest, if your project promotes the well-being of humanity and/or the environment, we would like to hear about it!

Who is Tutator Forward for?

Forward Grants are geared to remarkable organizations dedicated to furthering a social or environmental cause. These organizations can be:

Nonprofit non-governmental organizations.
Governmental organizations.
For profit social enterprises.

What will you get?

You tell us what you need, we will develop a custom software solution for you:

You get

A dedicated
project team

Analysis of the

A tailor-made solution


Deployment assistance

26 weeks of support

You provide

Access to your team

The people (administrators)

The infrastructure

Application and selection

Create an account in our portal and use our Application platform to fill and submit your proposals (you can submit as many as you wish).
You can apply either as a single organization or as a group of organizations (consortium).
Once the call for proposals has closed, we will review the applications, select the candidates to move to the next phase, conduct virtual interviews and finally, select the winner(s).
Grantees will be selected on the impact of the proposed projects rather than the size of the organization or the number of beneficiaries.

How can I apply?

Create an account on the Forward Platform.
From your account you will be able to:
Complete your applicant profile
Complete your project proposals and submit your grant requests
Monitor the status of your proposals
Communicate with our staff
Download the Tutator Forward program presentation

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We are wating for your project!

Tutator Forward is an international funding program aiming to help organizations dedicated to furthering a social or environmental cause with their digital transformation.
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An organization needs a tool to manage the community medical center.

Medical record for patients.
Follow the family.
Schedule visits.
Manage medications (stock, expiration, dispensary,etc)
Alert on diseases outbreak
Impact indicators tracking and statistics


An organization needs a tool to train and deploy paralegals across a country to help people who have no access to legal resources.

Remote ongoing training of paralegals.
Electronic case files for paralegal in the field.
Guide resolution process for common cases.
Mobile follow up of cases for users.
Escalation of complicated cases to central office lawyers.
Real time statistics on cases (by geography, case type, resolution, etc.).
Measure and report of impact indicators.

Farm aid

A farming community requires logistical support (supplies, equipment, training, distribution).

Track individual farms (size, crop type, crop size, workers, budget, etc...)
Allocate and track distribution of supplies and equipment.
Mobile communication with farmers.
Provide farmers access to market price, distribution channel in real time.
Map / track production by crop for crop type, region, price, etc.
Implement and report on impact indicator.

Community Center

Community center wants to expand the types of services that are offered to the members: legal aid, job bank, microcredit, social counseling. They also want to personalize the services and level of services offered to individuals and family.

Register individual members and families.
Select what type of services will be offered based on needs.
Track various services from one interface.
Share information (as needed) between various type of services.
Communicate and share information with members.
Provide online access to information and training to community members.
Implement and track impact indicators.


Organization wants to protect animal species (whales, tigers, elephants, rhinos, etc.) by tracking individual animals and working with local communities to protect the animal population.

Tag and track individual animals.
Manually report animal sightings through mobile interface.
Communicate events and alerts (sightings, locations) with local community members.
Statistics on tracking, events, etc.


A Consortium of various organizations wants to monitor and analyze forest change in a country.

Map and track land use.
View forest statistics.
Receive deforestation alerts that show where tree loss is happening.

Donation management

A donor organization is looking for a platform that can provide the information to make better funding decisions.

Build an online grant application process.
Manage grant seekers.
Handle funding requests: keep track of applications, see them by category, country, language etc.
Keep track of program status.
Track budget and allocation.
See the progress that grant reviewers make through applications and get instant insight into the decisions they make.


An organization needs a tool to get feedback on its stunting prevention program running in 5 countries to adapt interventions to local conditions and make decisions quickly.

Register children and care takers.
Use barcodes to track collection of food at distribution points.
See participation trends and alert when participation decreases considerably.


A government institution needs to track cases of violation of human rights.

Case management system.
Select the type of follow up based on individual needs.
Coordinate efforts between various organizations.
Keep track of program status.
Track various services from one interface.
Real time statistics on both, organizations and cases.